EPS09 Comparative Government And Politics (IGNOU Help book for EPS-09 in English Medium)


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EPS-9 Comparative Government and Politics


Block- 1 Comparative methods and Approaches
Unit-1 Nature, Scope And Utility Of Comparative Study Of Politics
Unit-2 Comparative Method And Strategies Of Comparison
Unit-3 Institutional Approach
Unit-4 Systems Approach
Unit-5 The Political Economy Approach

Block- 2 National Movement And Anti-Colonial Struggles
Unit-6 Ideology, Social Bases And Programmes Of National Movements
Unit-7 Patterns Of Anti-Colonial Struggles
Unit-8 Dynamics Of State Formation In Colonial Era

Block- 3 Society, Economy And State
Unit-9 Social Structures And Stratification
Unit-10 Class Formation
Unit-11 Social Bases Of State Power
Unit-12 Development Strategies

Block- 4 Classification Of Political Regimes
Unit-13 Modes Of Classification Of Political Regimes
Unit-14 Democratic And Authoritarian Regimes
Unit-15 Civilian And Military Regimes
Unit-16 Secular And Theocratic Regimes

Block- 5 Institutions And Forms Of Government
Unit-17 Organs Of Government : Executive, Legislature And Judiciary
Unit-18 Unitary And Fedeml Systems: Patterns And Trends In Federal Systems
Unit-19 Republicanism

Block- 6 Patterns Of Political Participation And Representation
Unit-20 Party Systems
Unit-21 Pressure Groups
Unit-22 Electoral Process

Block-7 Social Movements
Unit-23 Trade Union Movement
Unit-24 Peasants
Unit-25 Women’s Movement
Unit-26 Environment
Unit-27 Human Rights Movements

Block- 8 Globalisation And The Developing World
Unit-28 Globalisation : Background And Features
Unit-29 Impact Of Globalisation On Developing Societies
Unit-30 Globalisation And The Response Of The Developing Countries

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