IGNOU CTE5 Teaching English Secondary School in English Medium


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CTE – 5 Teaching English – Secondary School


Chapter-1 Role of Learner and Teacher

Unit-1  The Learner at the Secondary School Level
Unit-2  Teaching Underprivileged Learners
Unit-3  Teaching Learners with Special Needs
Unit-4  Helping the Learner to be Autonomous

Chapter-2  Listening Comprehension and Speaking

Unit-1 Teaching Listening-I
Unit-2 Teaching Listening-II
Unit-3 Developing Speaking/Oral Skills
Unit-4 Speaking Activities
Unit-5 Testing Listening
Unit-6 Testing Speaking Skills

Chapter-3  Reading Comprehension

Unit-1  Reading Comprehension-I
Unit-2  Reading Comprehension-II
Unit-3  Introducing Different Registers
Unit-4 Teaching Vocabulary

Chapter-4  Teaching Writing and Grammar

Unit-1 The Writing Process
Unit-2 Different Types of Writing
Unit-3 Teaching Study Skills
Unit-4 Teaching Grammar: New Type Activities and Games
Unit-5 (Improving and) Assessing Writing Ability
Unit-6 Testing Grammar and Usage


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