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IGNOU ESO4/14 Society & Stratification in English Medium

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ESO-4/14 Society & Stratification


Block- 1 Introducing Social Stratification
Unit-1 Social Stratification: Meaning and Approaches
Unit-2 Approaches to Social Stratification
Unit-3 Caste and Class in India
Unit-4 Stratification: Implications of Gender and Ethnicity

Block- 2 Explaining Social Stratification
Unit-5 Marx and Weber
Unit-6 Parsons and Davis
Unit-7 Coser and Dahrendorf on Social Classes
Unit-8 Theories of Stratification: Towards and Synthesis Lenski, Luhmann, Berghe

Block- 3 Ethnic Stratification
Unit-9 Ethnicity as a Basis of Stratification
Unit-10 Tribal Ethnicity : The North-East
Unit-11 Religious Ethnicity : The Case of the Punjab
Unit-12 Linguistic Ethnicity in India

Block- 4 Gender Differentiation and Ethnicity
Unit-13 Gender as a Basis of Discrimination
Unit-14 Formation of Gender Identities
Unit-15 Gender Status and Power
Unit-16 Women’s Empowerment : Some Illustrations

Block- 5 Explaining Caste in Indian Society
Unit-17 The Basis of Caste Hierarchy: Purity and Pollution
Unit-18 Dimensions of Caste: Rituals and Power
Unit-19 Caste Identity: Attributional and Interactional Approaches
Unit-20 Caste Dynamics: Economic and Political

Block- 6 Marginalised Communities and Stratification
Unit-21 Status of Dalits
Unit-22 Other Backward Classes
Unit-23 Scheduled Tribes
Unit-24 Marginalised Groups and Their Changing Status

Block- 7 Class in Indian Society
Unit-25 Agrarian Class Structure
Unit-26 Industrial Classes
Unit-27 Middle Classes in India
Unit-28 Class Conflict

Block- 8 Social Mobility
Unit-29 Concepts and Forms of Social Mobility
Unit-30 Social Mobility in Caste and Class
Unit-31 Factors and Forces of Social Mobility
Unit-32 Consequences of Social Mobility

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