IGNOU MEG1 British Poetry

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MEG-1 British Poetry


Block- 1 Orientation For the Study of Poetry & The Medieval Poet Chaucer

Unit-1 From the Evaluation of Portraits towards the Explication of Poems
Unit-2 A Prelude to the Study of Poetry
Unit-3 The Age of Chaucer
Unit-4 Chaucer’s Poetry: A General survey
Unit-5 The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales
Unit-6 A Study of ‘The Nonnes Preests Tale’ I
Unit-7 A Study of ‘The Nonnes Preests Tale’ II

Block- 2 Undertaking A Study of Spenser

Unit-8 The Renaissance
Unit-9 Edmund Spenser
Unit-10 Spenser’s Poetry- I
Unit-11 Spenser’s Poetry- II

Block- 3 The Metaphysical Poets: Donne, Herbert

Unit-12 Poetry and Society in the seventeenth Century (Pre- Restoration)
Unit-13 John Donne: Portrait of the Man, His Thematic and Technical Innovations and textual study of four Love Poems
Unit-14 John Donne: Further explorations into Poems of Love and Faith
Unit-15 George Herbert: A Study of Poems
Unit-16 Andrew Marvell: A Study of his Poems

Block- 4 Studying Milton

Unit-17 The Late Renaissance
Unit-18 Milton: The Life
Unit-19 A Survey of Milton’s lesser Poems and Prose
Unit-20 ‘On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity’ and ’Lycidas’
Unit-21 ‘L’Allegro’, ‘II Penseroso’ and the Sonnets

Block- 5 The Neoclassical Poets: Dryden and Pope

Unit-22 The Age of Dryden
Unit-23 John Dryden
Unit-24 Mac Flecknoe
Unit-25 Pope: A Background to An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Unit-26 Pope: The Study of An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot

Block- 6 The Romantic Poets: Blake, Wordsworth & Coleridge

Unit-27 Introduction to Romantic Poetry
Unit-28 William Blake
Unit-29 Wordsworth’s The Prelude Book I: A Critical Analysis
Unit-30 Coleridge: Kubla Khan & ‘Dejection’: An Ode’

Block- 7 The Second Generation Romantic Poets: Shelley & Keats

Unit-31 The Poet of Volcanic Hope: P.B. Shelley
Unit-32 A Study of The Triumph of Life
Unit-33 Keats: Hyperion: A Fragments, I
Unit-34 Keats: Hyperion: A Fragments, II

Block- 8 The Victorian Poets: Browning, D.G. and Christina Rossetti & Oscar Wilde

Unit-35 The Romantic Age: A Review
Unit-36 The Victorian Age: Selected Studies
Unit-37 Robert Browning: Life and Aspirations
Unit-38 Robert Browning: Two Early Poems
Unit-39 The Poems from Men and Women
Unit-40 The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Unit-41 Oscar Wilde: The Ballad of Reading Goal

Block- 9 The Modernist Poets

Unit-42 Modern British Poetry: An introduction
Unit-43 W.B. Yeats: Background, system and Poetic Career Until
Unit-44 The Eater Poetry of W.B. Yeats
Unit-45 T.S.Eliot: The Waste Land (I)
Unit-46 T.S.Eliot: The Waste Land (II)
Unit-47 T.S.Eliot: The Waste Land (III)

Block-10 Some Modernist and Postmodernist Poets: Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin & Sylvia Plath

Unit-48 Dylan Thomas
Unit-49 Philip Larkin
Unit-50 Sylvia Plath and Confessional Poetry
Unit-51 So! Now! What is Poetry? Once again: A Symposium
Unit-52 Essays and Evaluations

1. Question Paper – June 2005
2. Question Paper – June 2006
3. Question Paper – Dec 2006
4. Question Paper – June 2007
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2007
6. Solution Paper – June 2008
7. Solution Paper – Dec 2008
8. Solution Paper – June 2009
9. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
10. Solution Paper – June 2010
11. Question Paper – Dec 2010
12. Solution Paper – June 2011
13. Question Paper – Dec 2011
14. Solution Paper – June 2012
15. Question Paper – Dec 2012
16. Question Paper – June 2013
17. Question Paper – Dec 2013
18. Question Paper – June 2014
19. Question Paper – Dec 2014
20. Question Paper – June 2015
21. Question Paper – Dec 2015
22. Solution Paper – June 2016
23. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
24. Solution Paper – June 2017
25. Question Paper – Dec 2017
26. Solution Paper – June 2018


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