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MEG-11 American Novel


Block- 1 James F. Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans

Unit-1 The Beginnings
Unit-2 The Man, The Milieu, And The Moment
Unit-3 The Last of the Mohicans: An Analysis
Unit-4 Perspectives on the Novel-I
Unit-5 Perspectives on the Novel-II

Block- 2 Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie

Unit-1 The Literary Context
Unit-2 Theodore Dreiser: The Man and The Writer
Unit-3 Sister Carrie: A Critical Summary
Unit-4 Sister Carrie: A Critical Study of the Major Themes

Block- 3 Scott Fitezgerald: The Great Gatsby

Unit-1 The Man, The Milieu, And The Moment
Unit-2 The Plot and The Self-Improving Hero
Unit-3 The Great Gatsby and Fable, Symbol and Allegory
Unit-4 The Great Gatsby: The Narrative Technique
Unit-5 Critics and Criticism: An Overview

Block- 4 William Faulkner: Light In August

Unit-1 American Fiction in 1920s and 1930s
Unit-2 The Novel In The South
Unit-3 Light In August: Structure and Narrative Strategies
Unit-4 Characterisation and Critical Approaches

Block- 5 Henry Miller: Black Spring

Unit-1 Sexual Revolution In Modern American Literature
Unit-2 The Great Tradition
Unit-3 The Outsider
Unit-4 The Indelible Impact
Unit-5 Henry Miller’s Works: Black Spring
Unit-6 Critical Approaches

Block- 6 J.D. Salinger: The Catcher In The Rye

Unit-1 The Author and the Plot
Unit-2 The Main themes and Characters
Unit-3 The Language In The Catcher In The Rye
Unit-4 Critical Interpretations

Block- 7 John Barth: Floating Opera

Unit-1 The Postwar American Novel
Unit-2 The Experimental Novel
Unit-3 The Floating Opera: An Analysis of Text
Unit-4 Philosophic Formulations And The Farce of Reason
Unit-5 From Modernity to Post Modernity

Block- 8 Scott Mamaday: a House Made of Dawn

Unit-1 Native American Literature
Unit-2 Native American Fiction
Unit-3 The Making of Momaday
Unit-4 House made of dawn: An Analysis
Unit-5 Critical Perspectives

Block- 9 Alice Walker: The color Purple

Unit-1 The Women, The Moment and the Milieu-I
Unit-2 The Women, The Moment and the Milieu-II
Unit-3 The Color Purple and Its Structure
Unit-4 Analysis of Celie’s Letters-I
Unit-5 Analysis of Celie’s Letters-II
Unit-6 Themes emerging from Celie’s Letters



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