IGNOU MEG12 A Survey Course In 20Th Century Canadian Literature

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MEG-12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

Topics Covered

Block-1 Contexts of Canadian Writing
Unit-1 Canada: Land and People
Unit-2 Literary Beginnings
Unit-3 English Canadian Theatre and Drama: Its Evolution
Unit-4 Canadian Discourse on Nature and Technology

Block-2 Recent Canadian Poetry
Unit-5 The Growth of Canadian Poetry
Unit-6 Recent Commonwealth Poetry and Canada’s Place in It
Unit-7 Two Major Novelists as Poets
Unit-8 Five Other Important Poets

Block-3 Surfacing
Unit-9 Development of the Canadian Novel
Unit-10  Margaret Atwood: Life and Works
Unit-11 Surfacing: Theme, Structure, Technique and Characterisation
Unit-12  Surfacing: Language

Block-4 The Tin Flute (Novel)
Unit-13 French Canadian Writing (Quebec)
Unit-14 Gabrielle Roy: Life and Works
Unit-15 The Tin Flute: Structure and Theme
Unit-16 The Tin Flute: Characterisation and Technique

Block-5 The English Patient
Unit-17 Canadian-South Asian Diasporic Writing
Unit-18 Ondaatje: Life and Works
Unit-19 The English Patient: Theme, Structure and Characterisation
Unit-20 The English Patient: Technique

Block-6 Canadian Short Story
Unit-21 Short Fiction in General and the Canadian Short Story
Unit-22 ‘A Mother in India’: Sara Jeannette Duncan
Unit-23 ‘Sunday Afternoon’: Alice Munro; ‘Where is the Voice Coming  From’ Rudy Wiebe
Unit-24 ‘Swimming Lessons’ Rohinton Mistry; ‘The Door is Shut    Behind Me’: Uma Parameswaran

Block-7 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: Drama
Unit-25 Canadian Drama: The General Dramatic Scene
Unit-26 Introduction to Writer and the Structure of the Play
Unit-27 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: Theme and Characterisation
Unit-28 Dramatic Technique in the Ecstasy of Rita Joe and the   Brechtian Angle

Block-8 Development of Canadian Criticism
Unit-29 The Recent Development of Canadian Criticism
Unit-30 Northrop Frye
Unit-31 Linda Hutcheon
Unit-32 Smaro Kamboureli

Chapter-1 Contexts of Canadian Writing
Chapter-2Recent Canadian Poetry
Chapter-3 Surfacing
Chapter-4 The Tin Flute (Novel)
Chapter-5 The English Patient
Chapter-6 Canadian Short Story
Chapter-7 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: Drama
Chapter-8 Development of Canadian Criticism

Question Papers
(1) June-2016 (Solved)
(2) December-2016 (Solved)
(3) June-2017 (Solved)
(4) December-2017 (Solved)
(5) June-2018 (Solved)
(6) December-2018 (Solved)
(7) June-2019 (Solved)


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