IGNOU MPC001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory in English Medium

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MPC-001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory


Block- 1 Information Processing
Unit-1 Cognitive Psychology
Unit-2 Information Processing in Learning and Memory
Unit-3 Neuropsychological Basis of Learning and Memory
Unit-4 Models of Information Processing

Block- 2 Intelligence and Creativity 
Unit-1 Theories of Intelligence (G and S Factor and the Model of JP Das)
Unit-2 Multiple Theories of Intelligence (Guilford, Gardner and Sternberg)
Unit-3 Measurement of Intelligence
Unit-4 Creativity and Problem Solving

Block- 3 Language
Unit-1 Language Acquisition
Unit-2 Language Processing (Comprehension and Language Expression)
Unit-3 Multiligualism and Cognition
Unit-4 Language and Speech Disorders

Block- 4 Problem Solving
Unit-1 Nature of Problem Solving
Unit-2 Stages of Problem Solving
Unit-3 Theoretical Approaches to Problem Solving
Unit-4 Impediments to Problem Solving   

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10. Question Paper – Dec 2017
11. Solution Paper – June 2018
12. Question Paper – Dec 2018
13. Solution Paper – June 2019


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