IGNOU MPC005 Research Methods In Psychology in English Medium

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MPC-005 Research Methods


Block- 1 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
Unit-1 Basic Process/Concept in Research
Unit-2 Reliability and Validity (External and Internal)
Unit-2 Variables and Constructs
Unit-4 Hypothesis Formulation and Sampling

Block- 2 Types of Research
Unit-5 Survey Research
Unit-6 Ex-Post Facto Research
Unit-7 Experimental Research (Field Experiment)
Unit-8 Case Study

Block- 3 Research Design
Unit-9 Single Factor Design
Unit-10 Factorial Design
Unit-11 Quasi Experimental Design
Unit-12 Other Designs (Correlational Design and  Comparative Design)

Block- 4 Qualitative Research in Psychology
Unit-13 Introduction Including Ethnography
Unit-14 Grounded Theory
Unit-15 Discourse Analysis
Unit-16 Reporting and Evaluating in Qualitative Research   

1. Solution Paper – June 2014
2. Solution Paper – Dec 2014
3. Solution Paper – June 2015
4. Solution Paper – Dec 2015
5. Solution Paper – June 2016
6. Question Paper – Dec 2016
7. Solution Paper – June 2017
8. Question Paper – Dec 2017
9. Solution Paper – June 2018
10. Question Paper – Dec 2018
11. Solution Paper – June 2019


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