IGNOU MSO001 Sociological : Theories And Concepts in English Medium

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MSO-001 Sociological Theories and Concepts


Block- 1 The Concepts of Development

Unit-1 Social Theory and its Context
Unit-2 Concept and Theory
Unit-3 Theory and Paradigm
Unit-4 Social Construction of Reality

Block- 2 Perspectives on Development

Unit-5 Concept and Theories of Structure
Unit-6 Structure and Function
Unit-7 Structure, Function and Neo-Functionalism

Block- 3 Critics of Development

Unit-8 The Conceptual and Theoretical Issues of Power
Unit-9 Class and Legitimacy
Unit-10 Power: Functional Perspective
Unit-11 Power and Institutions
Unit-12 Power/Knowledge

Block- 4 Approaches to Sustainable Development

Unit-13 Evolution, Development and Function of Capitalism
Unit-14 Rationality, Work and Organisation
Unit-15 Entrepreneurship and Capitalism
Unit-16 Freedom and Liberty
Unit-17 Alienation

Block- 5 Comparative Experience of Development

Unit-18 Sovereignty
Unit-19 State; Power as Elaborated Marx, Weber, Parsons and Others
Unit-20 Citizenship
Unit-21 Civil Society and Democracy

Block- 6 Globalization

Unit-22 Conceptualising Ethnicity
Unit-23 Construction of Identities
Unit-24 Boundaries and Boundary Maintenance

Block- 7 Information and Communication Technologies

Unit-25 Concepts of Difference and Inequality
Unit-26 Class
Unit-27 Gender and Social Stratification
Unit-28 Theories of Origin of Caste System

Block- 8 Development, Displacement and Social Movements

Unit-29 Theories of Modernisation and Modernity
Unit-30 Tradition and Modernity
Unit-31 Post Structuralism and Post Modernism


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