IGNOU MSOE001 Samaaj Shastriye Siddhant Evam Sankalpnaayein in Hindi Medium

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MSOE-001 Sociology of Education in Hindi


Block- 1 Perspectives and Theories on Education
Unit-1 The Concept of Education
Unit-2 Theoretical Approaches
Unit-3 Thinkers on Education-I
Unit-4 Thinkers on Education-II

Block- 2 Pedagogy, Curriculum and Knowledge
Unit-5 Education, Knowledge and Power
Unit-6 Education, Nation-building, State and Ideology
Unit-7 Politics of Educational Curriculum

Block- 3 Education, Social Processes and Institutions
Unit-8 Education and Socialisation
Unit-9 Education and Social Change
Unit-10 Education and Social Mobility

Block- 4 Education, Social and Human Development
Unit-11 Role of Education in Social and Human Development: Emerging Perspectives
Unit-12 Role of Education for Empowerment of the Marginalized
Unit-13 Education and the Policy of Positive Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Block- 5 Educational System: Comparative Perspective
Unit-14 Education: Pluralism and Multiculturalism
Unit-15 Education in SAARC Countries: Case Studies-I
Unit-16 Education in Europe: Case Studies-II

Block- 6 Educational Systems in India
Unit-17 Education: Expansion and Growth
Unit-18 Constitutional Provisions and Educational Policies in India
Unit-19 Universalisation of Elementary Education

Block- 7 Education, Globalisation and Liberalisation
Unit-20 Crises in Indian Higher Education
Unit-21 Expansion of Professional Education and Private Sector
Unit-22 WTO, GATS, ICTS and Higher Education

Block- 8 Open Distance Learning: The Emerging Facets
Unit-23 Education: Social Commitment vs. Commodification
Unit-24 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Open and Distance Learning (ODL)
Unit-25 Critical Issues in Open and Distance Learning
Unit-26 ODL: Problems and Prospects

1. Solution Paper – Dec 2008
2. Solution Paper – June 2009
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
4. Solution Paper – June 2010
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2010
6. Solution Paper – June 2011
7. Question Paper – Dec 2011
8. Solution Paper – June 2012
9. Question Paper – Dec 2012
10. Question Paper – June 2013
11. Question Paper – Dec 2013
12. Question Paper – June 2014
13. Question Paper – Dec 2014
14. Question Paper – June 2015
15. Question Paper – Dec 2015
16. Solution Paper – June 2016
17. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
18. Solution Paper – June 2017
19. Question Paper – Dec 2017
20. Solution Paper – June 2018


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