IGNOU MSOE002 Diaspora and Transnational Communities in English Medium

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MSOE-002 Diaspora and Transnational Communities


Block- 1 Understanding Diaspora
Unit-1 Conceptual Understanding of Indian Disapora and Transnational Studies
Unit-2 Approaches to the study of Indian Disapora
Unit-3 Diasporic Communities of the World

Block- 2 Journey of the Indian Diaspora
Unit-4 Migration and Settlement of Indians Abroad
Unit-5 Indian Emigration During Colonial Rule
Unit-6 Post-Independence Patterns of Migration

Block- 3 Profile of Indian Diaspor
Unit-7 Indians in the Caribbean
Unit-8 Indian Diaspora in Africa
Unit-9 Indian Diaspora in South and Southeast Asia
Unit-10 Indian Diaspora in Europe
Unit-11 Indian Diaspora in the New World-North America
Unit-12 Indians in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
Unit-13 Indian Diaspora in West Asia

Block- 4 India and Indian Diaspora: Linkages and Policies
Unit-14 Immigration and Emigration Policies and their Implications
Unit-15 Indian State and Diaspora
Unit-16 Socio-Cultural Linkages Between Indian Diaspora
Unit-17 Indian Diaspora-Homeland Linkages
Unit-18 Indian Diaspora in Cyberspace

Block- 5 India and Indian Diaspora: Images and Perceptions
Unit-19 Films
Unit-20 Indian Diasporic Writing
Unit-21 Popular Perception

Block- 6 Identity, Nation-State and Transnational Communities
Unit-22 Identity, Nation-State and Diaspora
Unit-23 Sub-National Identities and Diaspora
Unit-24 Globalization, Nationalism and Transnational Communities

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2. Solution Paper – June 2009
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
4. Solution Paper – June 2010
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6. Solution Paper – June 2011
7. Question Paper – Dec 2011
8. Question Paper – June 2012
9. Question Paper – Dec 2012
10. Question Paper – June 2013
11. Question Paper – Dec 2013
12. Question Paper – June 2014
13. Question Paper – Dec 2014
14. Question Paper – June 2015
15. Question Paper – Dec 2015
16. Solution Paper – June 2016
17. Question Paper – Dec 2016
18. Solution Paper – June 2017
19. Question Paper – Dec 2017
20. Solution Paper – June 2018


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